ShirtsofCotton T-shirts. Perfectly crafted. For men.

Perfectly Crafted To Fit Your Body

ShirtsofCotton T-shirts are made of the best premium cotton and finest yarn we could find. Perfectly crafted to fit your body. Over the years, the T-shirts have been perfected by crowd listening: understanding clients and continuous innovation.

ShirtsofCotton T-shirts. Perfectly Crafted To Fit Your Body.

ShirtsofCotton provides unique T-shirts for the modern man. The shirts are slightly tailored with a little bit of extra fabric at the bottom (extra long).

Fine Quality T-shirts

Fine quality, personal service, and exceptional value is what matters. Our fabrics follow a responsible production process and are a perfect mix of style, strength and flexibility. That is why ShirtsofCotton T-shirts are both strong and soft.

T-shirts - Unique By Design

ShirtsofCotton T-shirts are unique because: we use extra long fiber american cotton, that is densely knitted to a compact yarn that is both strong and soft, woven into a neatly (slim) fitting shirt, with a little bit of extra fabric at the bottom (longtail), and is available in different crewneck and v-neck sizes that are properly sized for under dress shirts, with improved armpits and sleeves, available in lustrous colors.

A Global Brand With Dutch Heritage

Founded in The Netherlands by Two Dutchmen ShirtsofCotton T-shirts is one of the leading worldwide brands in Premium T-shirts. They create premium, high quality collections by carefully listening to clients. Their personal philosophy and lifestyle have a great influence on the designs. And they are passionate about quality.

We Ship Worldwide

ShirtsofCotton T-shirts are delivered to you - wherever you are. If you have any questions: don’t hesitate and reach out. We love to hear from you. Shopping with us should be easy as pie, and just as satisfying.

What Clients Say
"Excellent and this time I ordered I didn't have to pay additional tariffs like I did the last order. I also like the shirts are a thinner material than the ones from a year ..."
Rob Butler, 22/06/2018
"Had a hard time finding these extra long shirt... Tnx!"
Carl, 29/04/2015
"Great T-shirts! No Cheap loose shirts, but shirts of great quality."
Daniel, 29/04/2015
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9.3 /10
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Latest Product Reviews

White Crew Neck T-shirt 2-pack
I'm 194 cm, and I have a hard time finding T-shirts that fit me. The T from shirts of cotton fits nice and snug ...
- Larsa, 25 Feb 2016

Black Deep V-Neck T-shirt 2-pack
Found ShirtsofCotton online. Immediate favorite. After some quick questions decided to try the black medium V-neck. ...
- Cliffton Seltic, 1 May 2015

Black V-Neck T-shirt 2-pack
My V-Neck favorite. fast delivery with a personal not. How great that you ship globally.
- Jimmy F, 1 May 2015

Black Crew Neck T-shirt 2-pack
Super shirt. And one of my new favorites. Been wearing white for years now and decided to try on some black from now ...
- Sam P.l., 1 May 2015

Grey Deep V-Neck T-shirt 2-pack
Just glad that someone is making these great shirts in my favorite color. Thanks.
- Glad, 1 May 2015

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