Online Marketing/E-Commerce/Communication - German or Scandinavian speaking

ShirtsofHolland B.V. - Passionate about Quality

ShirtsofHolland B.V. is a clothing company with a professional and passionate atmosphere. We personally design and select the different brands and prepare collections based on Crowdlistening, which makes the company unique in the fashion industry.

“Mark and Sean have always loved quality clothing and trusted brands. But they also believe in Lean processes and Crowdlistening. Crowdlistening is the art of listening to the client very carefully and meticulously. To understand their experiences and wishes.”

Our webshop is the platform premium brands and the highest quality dress shirts. Our personal philosophy and lifestyle have a great influence on the brands. And we are passionate about quality.

Trainees and interns

Year after year ShirtsofHolland B.V. proves to be able to expand and grow their business internationally. To enrich our team, we are looking for trainees and interns to help us with our mission.

We have several open positions for eager and enthusiastic students:

• Who can communicate well in one or more of the following languages: German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or Finnish (Scandinavian);
• With studies or specializations in fields like (online) marketing, sales, design/creative, fashion, economics or information technology;
• Who are known to finish a project by taking responsibility

What are we looking for?

Do you have the ambition to help set-up, build and optimize e-commerce websites, online channels and develop the next generation of brands?

We like to work with students who are eager to learn, can think logically, and are willing to reach out and take responsibility to get the job done. 

Reach out to us

Please send us a short introduction and motivation through our contact form. We will then ask for your C.V. and Cover Letter via e-mail. We love to hear from you!

Blog Writers

We are also looking for great writers for our blog posts

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