Christmas is a great time of year, spending time with loved ones, giving gifts and sharing the spirit of the season. But it can also be the time of the questionable present. Remember those knitted jumpers your eccentric aunt always bought? Or the toys you got as a kid that were for anyone but you? For some people, the undershirt may fall into this category. But we are here to tell you why this might not be the case. Because undershirts really can make a great Christmas present.

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Hello Undershirt!
There’s nothing new about the undershirt, they have been around forever. No-one knows for sure who ‘invented’ them if the idea of putting an extra layer under your shirt can be called inventing. Roman solider used to wear a light tunic under their armour to prevent those awkward rubbing moments when chasing barbarians.The first modern version of the undershirt was known as the union suit. They came along in the late 19th century when scientific knowledge began to be applied to clothing. Cheap clothing started to appear and the idea of layering clothes also popped up again. Those union suits were also known as long johns and helped keep people warm as well as comfortable.By the early 20th century, the US Navy began to cotton on to the benefits of these undershirts and most of their crews wore them. Other workers began to see the benefits and took to wearing them while the workers in warmer climates started to see them as outerwear.

Modern undershirts
Today’s undershirts gave gone full circle and are now mostly seen as an undergarment. Sure, guys wear them on their own and some can carry it off but mostly, they hide beneath clothing. But why do they make a good Christmas present for the modern, smart man? Here’s why – think of that beautiful shirt you bought recently. You want to wear it for special occasions and it was quite expensive so you want it to last. It has a fine weave to the material, a gorgeous sheen and feels great. But you wear it once and there are suddenly yellow stains on the underarm area. Or even on the chest if you are a warm temperature guy.We can’t do anything about sweating but we can do something to save our favourite new shirt. The solution is the undershirt.

Undershirts for men

Why undershirts?
Think of it as the defence for your shirt against your body. An undershirt absorbs that sweat which would otherwise spoil your shirt. This layer of protection will keep the shirt pristine and gorgeous for longer.The modern undershirt can also work to finish your look. Sometimes a shirt can look great but be a little see-through. The solution is to use an undershirt to act as a reinforcement layer, making the white even whiter. Another clever addition to this concept is the use of invisible grey undershirts. These blend in even better beneath white shirts and avoid the sleeve line and other irritating undershirt issues.So there it is - hard working, long lasting and protecting your good clothes. Still think that getting an undershirt for Christmas is a bad idea?