For many, the considerations when choosing a T-shirt or undershirt tend to be around colour or pattern, perhaps the fit. But do many men think about the length of the T-shirt and why an extra long one may be essential? Why do men need extra long T-shirts or undershirts? What are the benefits of extra long T-shirts?

why do men need extra long tshirts

How to choose the right T-shirt size?

Regardless of whether you are a t-shirt and jeans guy or a formal suit man, the length of your top makes or breaks the look. Why? Because the jokes about builder’s cleavage and associated other unsightly bulges aren’t really funny. And the simple solution to all of these problems is to look at the length of the top.

Let’s talk t-shirts. You might know about getting the right fit t-shirt but if you don’t, here’s a recap. Even if you are a plus sized gentleman, too big a t-shirt is a bad thing. If you have lots of baggy material, this makes you look as if you don’t really care about your appearance. So there’s no point buying that classy t-shirt and have it hanging off you like a tent.

how to choose the right tshirt size

According to the experts, the perfect fit t-shirt should gently fit the parts of your body you like. It should also gently draw attention away from the parts you don’t. So if you have a shapely upper half with good muscles, then go for a t-shirt that shows them off, but not too tightly. If you have a narrow waist, then don’t go for tapered lines, as this will accent it. And if you do have that bit of belly, aim for a fit that isn’t skin tight but doesn’t balloon around you.

The idea of the t-shirt is that it isn’t restrictive, allows you to more naturally and isn’t skin tight. A classic fit t-shirt shouldn’t come below the hips and short sleeves shouldn’t be longer than half your upper arm.

The benefits of extra long t-shirts

So once you know what fit works for you, turn your attention to length. This matter is particularly important to guys who wear their t-shirts to work. The principles can also be applied to formal dress shirts to be worn under a suit or on their own.
The easiest way to figure out what length you need is to measure your body. You may need a second pair of hands for this, though! Put the end of the measuring tape at the base of your neck on your back. Measure down to the point you want the t-shirt to finish, normally around the bottom of the rear pocket.

the benefits of extra long t-shirts

If you are planning to wear the t-shirt tucked into your pants, you might need to add a couple of inches to this. Otherwise, look for long-tailed t-shirts or shirts. These have extra material at the front and back and means that when you stretch, they stay tucked in. This works the same when you bend over and avoids those embarrassing moments when you flash something unexpected at the person behind you!

If you are going to wear the shirt untucked, then the bottom of your rear pocket is probably long enough. Unsure? You can always stretch up and get someone to measure from the bottom of your t-shirt to your pocket to see how much you increase when you stretch. Ready to buy the extra long t-shirt now?