The T-shirt started out life as a mere undergarment, hidden beneath the formal shirt or jumper. Its aim was to add a layer of warmth in colder weather. In the century or so since the t-shirt came into being, its use and popularity has continued to increase. Many men use the t-shirt as a fall back top when they aren’t sure what else to wear – not too formal, not too sporty. For the taller man, the question of which t-shirt is the right one needs a little extra consideration. Nowadays, long tail T-shirts or extra long T-shirts are very populair.

What is a long tail?

The idea of a long tail is more commonly associated with shirts than t-shirt but the principle is the same. Formal shirts are most often worn tucked into the pants and the long tail works to stop them popping back out when the man bends over. This in turn stops the exposing of anything unsightly and earning the guy a wither look for his partner!

The idea of a long tail t-shirt is essentially the same – they are designed for taller guys and have a longer length. This means one of two things: either the t-shirt doesn’t ride up when bending over just like the shirt or it overlaps the pants in the correct manner.

long tail tshirt

T-shirts and the perfect fit

It is easy for a tall man to simply ‘make do’ with the t-shirts, he finds on the rack anywhere. He then hopes that he remembers not to bend over or reach up while in company. But the truth is that is doesn’t need to be that way. By getting the right fit t-shirt and the right length, you can do a disco dance without exposing anything unfortunate.

The perfect t-shirt fit should accent what you like about your shape and mask what you don’t. This means don’t fall for the classic ‘go bigger’ ploy and buy a t-shirt that hangs off your frame like a tent. When you try a t-shirt on, three key areas help you know that it’s The One:

  • A classic fit shouldn’t hang any lower than the top of your hips with a long tail t-shirt hanging a little longer than this at the back to allow it to tuck in
  • Sleeves shouldn’t cover more than half the upper arm
  • The fit of the t-shirt shouldn’t be so tight that you can’t move or is fitted against the skin

Finishing touches

Once you have the fit and the length of the t-shirt right, you can cast a glance to the other elements and see what works for you. The neck type is one such choice and the two classic options are crew or V-neck. If you are unsure which works best for you, one guide is to look at what you are wearing over the t-shirt. If you are wearing a V-neck jumper then keep it the same.

The choice of fabric is again a person choice but cotton blends can often be a great middle ground. They have a little stretch to them that lets them keep their shape and crease less while retaining the breathability and comfort of cotton.