When it comes to choose a t-shirt there are plenty of considerations that need to come into the decision. Colour is one, whether to opt for a graphic print one or plain, while the fit is probably the most important decision. If you are a tall man, you want a longer length top while a plus size guy needs a slightly bigger fit. One of the decisions that can often be ignored is sleeve length, with most men just opting for short sleeved. But should they be considering the long sleeved alternative and what are its benefits.

Benefits of wearing long sleeved shirts

Style Issues
There’s no question that the short sleeve shirt has plenty going for it. It creates a simple style that is easy to pair up with jeans, trousers or shorts. A shirt can be added over the top if required and they work well with jackets. But the short sleeved t-shirt is totally in the casual category where the long sleeved t-shirt can be a little smarter for those occasions when you need a touch of formal.A good quality, smart long sleeved t-shirt will never replace a dress shirt but does look smarter than a short sleeved one. Part of this is just perception - long sleeves look smarter than short sleeves, regardless of the garment in question.Another reason why long sleeve can be a good choice is for guys who don’t like their arms. Sounds strange, but sometimes when a man wears a short sleeved top it just doesn’t look right. Might be they have slender arms and the t-shirt seems to flap. Or the opposite and the material seems to strain awkwardly. By opting for long sleeved, this takes the emphasis away from the upper arm and draws the eye down towards the wrist.

Seasonal favourite
The long sleeved t-shirt is also a favourite for autumn and winter. Sure, they give you more coverage on your arms to keep you warm and protected from wind that is becoming cooler. But more than that, they are ideal for layering. You can add it under a shirt or a jacket, which you can do with a short sleeve. But you can also wear it with a body warmer or gilet and have your arms protected against the elements.Gilets are perfect for this time of the year, whether in fine materials or the modern padded styles. They can also come in quite smart options and add a little protection to the body while the long sleeves look after the arms.

Seasonal favourite t-shirts

There are several schools of thought about the ideal look when layering but everyone agrees it is a great ideal. You can choose a neutral coloured long sleeve t-shirt then add a bright coloured shirt or jacket over it. Or you can go the other way with a bright t-shirt. Denim shirts work well over these tops as do denim jackets. You can have a smart, trim look by wearing the right size for your shape or go for the slightly casual style by choosing a relaxed look.
So would you consider buying a long sleeved t-shirt now?