There can be many styles, ideas and trends that appear on the catwalk or in the designer shops that the majority of people simply stare at. Some make you feel embarrassed for the model having to wear it. Other times you visualise yourself in the outfit then shake your head hard to get rid of the image. The V-neck t-shirt is entering this category now with the extreme V style that some men are trying.

Invisible T-Shirt

Invisible T-Shirt
There are two reasons to wear a t-shirt of any form. One is on its own as your main top beneath a jumper, jacket or as a standalone. The other is to be invisible beneath a formal shirt and to act a bit like an undershirt. Sometimes the t-shirt may actually be an undershirt.A V-neck is a very useful style when it comes to the latter category because nothing looks worse than your t-shirt or undershirt peeking out from under your collar. Therefore, the aim of the t-shirt is to be invisible. While colour is a big factor in this, the neck styling also is. A V-neck t-shirt will hide beneath the collar, effectively framing it.
But why would you need a deeper V-neck t-shirt to wear under a shirt? One reason would be if you were wearing a big collar style. This would mean a bigger tie knot and more material around the neck. For this reason, a deeper V-neck would make sure the t-shirt was out of the way. But not to the degree that the line of collar shows up down your chest. So the answer is – don’t go too low!

Deep V-neck styles
If you are wearing the t-shirt as an outer wear item, then think hard about the look you are creating. The neckline of the t-shirt is just one element of the overall style. You want a t-shirt that fits you correctly. This means not too large so there are no unsightly bulges. It also means the right length so no peeks if you stretch up or bend over. But on the turn side, unless you are a gym regular wanting to show off your hard work, you don’t want the t-shirt to be too tight. If it feels like an undershirt you wore as a kid, its too tight for outerwear! Then we come to the neckline. V-necks are definitely a good thing in many cases. The v shaping helps to elongate the body and make it appear slender. This might not be ideal for the taller, slender guy who might be suited to the crew neck. A deeper V-neck can work its magic on a larger sized guy and also works for those without too much hair. But beware of the extreme V-neck that has sneaked into shops! This style can be half way down the chest (or worse) and doesn’t do anything for most guys.
So to answer the question about how low should you go – not too low is the answer! While showing a little flesh can be okay, too much will spoil your look.

V-Neck T-Shirt