Long sleeved t-shirts can often be forgotten among wardrobe options but shouldn’t be. From its work as an undershirt to its use as a layered top, the long sleeve t-shirt has many uses. There are also a number of different materials used in the tops to offer different benefits.

T-Shirts material

T-Shirts material
Cotton still remains the top material for t-shirts. This dates from their time as an undergarment and remains valid today. Pure cotton t-shirts are easy to wash and dry quicker than most materials. They don’t need specialist washing conditions or particular cleaners. Plus, there is no need to take them to the dry cleaners. Away from the practical, they are comfortable to wear and look smart. They can be used beneath a formal shirt to wick away sweat and keep the shirt in top condition. Perhaps the only downside is that they need a little more ironing than blend materials.Cotton blend t-shirts tend to be cheaper than pure cotton and often use manmade materials such as polyester or Lycra. They can also blend with natural fibres such as silk and linen, though these blends won’t be as cheap. They are soft and comfortable, work well under shirts and can look smart on their own.Polyester T-shirts are workhorses more than anything. They don’t need much ironing and are sturdy and lightweight. They come in different patterns so can be stylish but tend to be a casual staple. They aren’t as breathable as cotton shirts so less popular as underwear.

Long-sleeve T-Shirt

Gettin the right fit
Most of the elements of a t-shirt apply to a long sleeved t-shirt when it comes to the fit. The t-shirt should be neither too tight nor too loose. If it is too long, it will flap around or cause a bulge in the pants when tucked in. But if it is too short, it may ride up when moving around and expose the mid-section or worse. Shoulder seams should sit across the shoulders and the bottom hem should line up with the bottom of the rear pants pocket.
The main difference is the sleeves, though the principles of a shirt apply here. The length of the sleeves shouldn’t see them drape over the wrist. Think about where you would want the cuff of a shirt and have the sleeve length similar. You can go for tight sleeves if you want to show off your muscles but otherwise, comfortable movement is important.
There are plus size and taller length t-shirts available that can be a better fit for these sizes. Taller length will often be longer, which is suitable if you are long in the body. Plus sized incorporates a wider frame but don’t be tempted to go too big or you will end up looking like you are wearing a tent.

Colour choice
The choice of colour in the t-shirt depends a lot on how you are wearing it. For an underwear shirt, then white or grey work the best with most shirts. Otherwise, simply look at the colour in the other elements of the outfit to guide you. Go coordinated, go contrasting or just go random – what’s your favourite option?