Tall men have got something people rarely have: their appearance which shines throughout the crowd! However, what they are not so happy with are those extra inches that do not let them choose the perfect outfit. Trousers keep swinging around their ankles. Besides this, wearing ill-fitting t-shirts for years may result in developing a hunch.

So how should you actually choose your t-shirts if you are a big and tall man? Here are some really useful suggestions:

Check If the Arm-Length Is Sufficient
When purchasing a full-sleeved t-shirt, check if it has adequate arm length. If the sleeves do not fit the size of your arm, it will not only look odd, but it will also make you feel uncomfortable.

T-shirts for big and tall men

Remember: You Don’t Need to Squeeze Yourself!
Since you require a larger size, squeezing yourself into a t-shirt that is too small will never help you look slim. This indicates that slim-fit t-shirts are just not your thing.

Never Go for a Baggy T-Shirt When Searching for Big and Tall Men T-Shirts
Though you have broader physique, this does not mean that your shoulders and chest can adjust well in a baggy t-shirt. Surprisingly, wearing a baggy t-shirt will make you look a lot heavier.

Spend Some Time to Get a Perfect Match for Your Body Type
Most shirts are sized by neck circumference and arm length. While shopping for the t-shirt that suits your body type the most, you need to consider its size.

There are two ways to find out if a t-shirt fits your size:
When you try a t-shirt, the seams of the sleeves should align well with your shoulder’s edge. If the seams are hanging down off your shoulder, the t-shirt is too large for you.The seam will be between your neck and shoulder if the t-shirt is too short for you.

T-shirt sizes for bigger and taller men

Choose Your Ideal Fit According to Your Personal Preference
If you are one of those who exercise regularly, you will more likely prefer tighter t-shirts to prevent your shirt from moving around a lot. However, if you are looking for something you can wear on a casual basis, then loose-fitting t-shirt is a good option.

Choose a Specific T-Shirt Shape
There are a variety of t-shirt shapes you can choose from. Some of these are the following:

  • Long Sleeve t-shirts: Long-sleeved t-shirts can be worn under a dress shirt which has a different color.
  • No Sleeves: The torso of no sleeve t-shirts is the same as that of long-sleeved t-shirts.
  • Muscle: Made with a synthetic, light-weight, stretchy material, these t-shirts are loose fit muscle shirts.
  • Short Sleeves: These are one of the most common t-shirts for big and tall men. They can either be tighter or loose fitting depending on their material.

Identify Your Neckline to Choose the Right Shape In Big and Tall Men T-Shirts
To choose which neckline suits you the most, here is a list of necklines you can choose from:

  1. High crew neck t-shirt
  2. High V-neck t-shirt
  3. Low crew neck t-shirt
  4. Low V-neck t-shirts

Once you have purchased your t-shirts considering the above-mentioned factors, you can enhance your style by wearing a cardigan or blazer with your favorite t-shirt.