An invisible undershirt, sounds crazy, doesn’t it? An invisible undershirt, one that doesn’t show up under a (extra) long dress shirt but still does its job. Something from a science-fiction TV show or a futuristic idea? No, the invisible undershirt exists and is a clever, though simple idea. ShirtsofCotton for example is a leading brand in invisible undershirts. In this article we'll give all information you need to know about invisible undershirts.

shirtsofcotton invisible undershirts

Alle you need to know about undershirt basics

The T-shirt we all wear today has its roots in the undershirt and there are many different variations available today. The idea behind the undershirt was simple – to collect the sweat generated during the day. This stopped the sweat coming into contact with the dress shirt and avoided unpleasant stains. It also means that the dress shirt had a longer lifespan, because it wasn’t turning yellow with sweat.

Another benefit to the undershirt came in the cooler months around the world. It added a layer beneath the shirt that helped to keep men warm when the weather turned cold. Mass-produced undershirts became popular across Europe and the US in the early 20th century and led to the creation of the T-shirt among other styles.

How to choose an undershirt?

This constant evolution means there are even different styles of undershirt available today depending on what a man needs. These include crew neck, V-neck and tank top styles as well as compression shirts. These different variations work best under different styles of shirt and other tops.

For example, if you are wearing a dress shirt without a tie and leave the top button open, you don’t want to see the undershirt. This is considered the height of bad fashion sense so a V-neck style is crucial in this situation. Under a tie, a crew neck style will work fine as the collar is high enough to hide it.

Alle you need to know about invisible undershirts

So, on to the invisible undershirt and what it is. While sounding technical and clever, it is actually simply a grey undershirt. Most men will check their wardrobe and 99.9% of them will only own white undershirts. And while white is okay under light coloured shirts, it isn’t ideal under a white shirt.

grey invisible undershirt

Why, you may ask? For starters, unless the material of the dress shirt is extremely dense, it will show up. The arms are one place that is particularly noticeable. You will have a white upper arm then a darker lower arm where the undershirt stops.

White shows up because it does a bad job of matching most all men’s skin tones. After all, white skin isn’t really white and add a touch of tan or a darker coloured skin to the mix and it is even starker. That’s where grey comes in – it blends into the skin colour better and therefore doesn’t highlight the undershirt.

Another surprising advantage of grey undershirts is that they hide sweat stains better than white undershirts. They don’t take the yellowish tinge from sweat that white undershirts do. They are also easier to launder as they go in with darker colours.

So while the invisible undershirt sounds exotic, it is actually simple colour sense. Why not try it out yourself and see if you notice a difference?