A great story on a quest to find out how T-shirts are made. What they ar made from. Why they are made and by whom?

Let's make a T-shirts

Planet Money wanted to see the hidden world behind clothes sold in the world. So they decided to make a T-shirt. An ordinary shirt like everybody knows and are sold everywhere — nothing special organic cotton, not hand-sewn in the United States.

Crowdfunding T-shirts

So to figure this one our they raised money using Kickstarter. The goals was to sell like 2000 T-shirts. This became 25.000.

They designed a T-shirts with a squirrel hoisting a martini glass. It's a visual pun: a reference to the phrase “animal spirits” made famous by the economist John Maynard Keynes.

10 reporters and 3 continents

They flew drones over Mississippi. And even got mugged in Bangladesh. Meeting people never to forget — the actual people who make our clothing.Please find the orignal story on their website: http://apps.npr.org/tshirt and see the original crowdfunding video on Vimeo.

Interesting links about T-shirts (extra long)