The tanktop is one of those pieces of clothing that split opinion. To some people, they are a thing of evil that should never be seen. To others they are an option when the weather is really warm. So while the answer for the first groups is ‘just don’t wear it’ to the question, here are some ideas for the second group.

Are tanktops fashionable

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Sleeveless tops
Tanktops are one name for a group of sleeveless shirts that are called different things around the world. In the UK, they are sometimes called vests but this confuses those from the US. This is because a vest in the UK is an undershirt. Other term is a singlet, sometimes used across the UK as well as in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore (perhaps due to their British connections). In France, it is a marcel, for the man who first started to produce them in the 19th century, Marcel Eisenberg. Going further afield, it is known as a sando-genji in parts of Indian and Bangladesh and is an undershirt to absorb sweat but without sleeves.

Wearing the tanktop
For some guys, their shape just won’t work in a tanktop and they simply won’t feel comfortable. Having it skin tight with everything accented is a thoroughly unflattering look. But according to the authority that is Esquire, there are some places that a man can wear a tanktop if he has the right shape for it.Wearing a tanktop on the beach in hot weather is probably the most popular option. Don’t forget to help those exposed upper arms to be protected from the sun by using plenty of sunscreen. The gym is another place that the practicality of the style comes into play. The lack of arm material frees up the movement during a workout. Plus, it is one of those times when you don’t really worry about how you look anyway.

How to wear the top
As mentioned, unless you want that kind of look, then don’t wear a tanktop that is tight fitting. Think along the lines of an undershirt. It should fit with the straps across the shoulders. The armholes shouldn’t sag below the armpits and show off everything there. While a high neckline spoils the point of the shirt, avoid a low V-neck style either. Nor should the top be too long as if you want to tuck it in a don a shirt, it will cause a bulge around the waist.In colour terms, white is probably the safest colour. Remember in the 1980s when there were brightly coloured tanktops everywhere? That’s all they should be – a memory. Black may also work or perhaps a grey shade, but watch what shirt you put over the top of a coloured tanktop.

Of course, there are no such thing as clothing rules. If you want to wear a tanktop that is tight with baggy armholes, then you can. But just don’t go near a fashion conscious friend and ask them how you look. Their answer might be the end of a beautiful friendship!

Tanktop Man's Fashion

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