It doesn’t matter how good a t-shirt is, there will come a time when it has served its purpose and is ready for the rag bag. In many households, the old t-shirt is reincarnated as a cleaning cloth of some form or ends up in the clothes recycling bin at the local supermarket. But are there other options that can see those old t-shirts reborn into something new and useful once more?

T-Shirt to clothing
While the T-shirt may not be fit for its original purpose, this doesn’t mean it can’t come in for other jobs. Ripped and torn styles continue to be fashionable so why not attack the top with scissors and make it into one of these? If that’s a little young for your style, offer it up to any teenagers or twenty-somethings in the house and they are bound to have ideas. Even ripping or tearing them patching with cheaper plain material is a trendy look that reuses the old top.Cut off the sleeves and make it into a workout top for your home gym, where you don’t care what you look like. That way you get the absorb-ability of the material that made the t-shirt a popular choice in the first place but the extra movement needed for a workout with the removal of the sleeves.

Diy Reuse your T-Shirts

T-Shirt to scarf
If there is someone in the household with a little skills with the needle or sewing machine, then there are even more ideas. Cut up strips of material from the top and stitch them to stop fraying to make a scarf – this works especially well if the t-shirt has a pattern or a logo to make a very bespoke accessory. In a similar way with the addition of a bit of elastic available in any haberdashery department, the strips of t-shirts can become hairbands or headbands for the kids. Following a simple tutorial available online will even let the strips be made into flowers to add to the kids clothes for a unique touch of accessorizing.

T-Shirt to much more
A current crafty trend is called decopatch and uses papers on an item to personalise and modernise it. The same basic idea can be used with the material from a t-shirt, particularly if there is a pattern or graphic.Stick a coat hanger into the t-shirt as if you were hanging it up then stitch along the bottom and you have an instant and very trendy peg bag. Ideal for hanging on the line while putting the washing out, it will hold plenty of pegs and is easy to wash if the passing birds make a mess of it.
Latch hook rugs are another popular craft trend and in place of using the traditional wool, you can use thin pieces of t-shirt. Follow the directions and you can soon have a soft, washable rug that would be ideal if there are kids in the house.

Diy T-Shirt Bag

You can even use pieces of t-shirt to make toys for the dog or the cat. It will have the advantage of carrying your scent and can make pull toys, chew toys and much more.So what will you do with your old t-shirt?