So you have the perfect white shirt that you wear all the time. It fits you ideally and you feel smart and comfortable in it. But you suddenly realise that there are yellow armpit stains appearing on the t-shirt or dress shirt. Don’t panic – this doesn’t mean the end of the shirt. Here we share tips on removing yellow armpit stains from white clothing to prolong the life of that favourite white shirt.

how to remove stains on white shirts

5 Tips how to remove yellow stains on white shirts

Sweat is one of the leading causes of yellow stains on shirts. However if you are wearing and washing the shirt often, this can also cause yellowing. Some fabrics age better than others do too. There are several options to try at home to rid your clothes of those awkward stains. But be careful to follow the instructions to the letter and make sure they are the right product for the colour. If you use a product aimed at dark clothes on a white shirt, all will not go well!

Tip #1 removing yellow stains on white shirts: bleach

Bleach is one of the most common products used to remove stains from white clothing. You can put it straight on the stain and leave it to soak for a short time before putting it in the washing machine. You can even add the bleach to the wash as long as all the clothes are white. If you bleach coloured clothing, they won’t be coloured for long. Bleach can be too strong for delicate materials so check care labels before using it.

There are special stain remover products, some for general use and some specifically for white clothing. They tend to be safer than bleach but can still ruin the wrong colour clothes.

Tip #2 removing yellow stains on white shirts: natural stain removal

If chemicals don’t agree with you, there are also natural solutions that may remove those yellow stains. Many household products can be combined in surprising ways to make stain removers. Most of them can also be bought easily from the local store. Make sure you are careful, however, as these can cause damage to the material if not done correctly.

Mix an equal measure of baking soda, water and peroxide to create a stain removal product for white clothing. Mix the three in a small dish then apply to the clothes with a bristle brush. Leave it to soak for between 30-60 minutes depending on how severe the stain is then wash as normal in the washing machine.

Tip #3 removing yellow stains on white shirts: vinegar

White vinegar and salt is another natural combination with stain removing power. Mix half a cup of white vinegar with the same amount of salt in a bucket then add the clothes to it and leave for half an hour. Take it out after this and wash as normal.

Tip #4 removing yellow stains on white shirts: lemon juice

Lemon juice has natural stain removal quality that works on white and light coloured clothes. Add the pure juice into the stain area and leave in the sun for the whole day. Bring the clothes inside and wash as normal.

Tip #5 removing yellow stains on white shirts: lemon juice

Household products such as toothpaste and denture tablet can also be used for cleaning white clothes. Be careful with delicate materials when using any of these products. Why not try a couple of different methods to save that favourite shirt?