How to take care of your favorite T-shirts? For some people, a T-shirt is something of a throwaway piece of clothing. Bought on the cheap, it gets a few uses and then goes for the scrap material bag. But if you have bought a good quality T-shirt, you want a longer lifespan to it. Therefore caring for it in the right way will prolong its life. Here are some top tips to care for your shirt.

How to care for your T-shirts - some general tips

Following the advice on the label is an ingrained habit for many of us. If the manufacturer tells to wash at a certain temperature, we do. But the secret from experts is that detergents work betters in warmer temperatures. So while the label may say wash in a cool wash, a warmer one may work better. But don’t go too warm, as a hot wash will shrink the t-shirt.

how to wash t-shirts

While a nasty stain may lead you to think that bleach is needed, remember this is a bad idea on coloured t-shirts. Bleach does just that – bleaches away colour – and will leave white patches on your clothes. Instead, opt for a stain remover designed for coloured clothes. This will either be a spot on or an in the wash style. But it won’t leave any white or diluted patches on the clothes.

Ironing is an inevitable part of clothing care. But there are little cheats to make the job less arduous. For example, if you use a fabric softener, this stops wrinkles forming while in the wash. And if you are using a dryer, take the t-shirt out as soon as it stops. This prevents wrinkles forming while the t-shirt lies in a funny position in the dryer.
When ironing, remember to iron on the wrong side if there is a logo or print on the t-shirt. Otherwise, the heat of the iron will spoil the pattern. Some t-shirts don’t need ironing at all, especially if hung up once dry. But make sure you hang them inside out and away from direction sunlight to avoid fading.

how to care for t-shirts

How to take care of white T-shirts?

One of the best tips for white t-shirts may be stating the obvious for some. Wash whites only with whites, don’t be tempted to pop some light pastels in. It doesn’t matter how delicate a shade of blue or green the top is, there is dye involved. And if there is any leakage of that dye, the white t-shirt won’t remain white. It will come out with a faint coloured sheen. Or worse, little patches of faint colour that make it look as if it has a rash.

Should the worst happen and a rouge sock end up in the white wash, you can sometimes restore whiteness. There are various products available that remove stains or counteract yellowing. These will work on sweat stains as well, often the blight of white tops. Some are used as a spot-on treatment while others go in the washing machine. Always follow the instructions and make sure they are suitable for white clothes.

Remember that the white t-shirt tips can also be applied to undershirts, if you wear one of these. Undershirts are hard working garments so show them some love and prolong their lifespan too.

Isn’t a little care better than buying a new one?