Lots of men find getting the perfect fitting t-shirt can be challenging and frustrating. When you are looking for big and tall men’s t-shirts, the frustrating increases even further. Shops don’t comply with standard sizes. Other shops label clothes as big and tall but they aren’t either when you try them on. It seems like the big and tall man is perpetually destined to have a poorly fitted t-shirt. But does this need to be the case?

choosing the perfect big and tall man's t-shirt

Fitting big and tall men’s t-shirts

There are three general types of men in this category. There are the tall men's fashion tips who aren’t big sized. There are the big sized guys who aren’t tall. And there are the guys who are big sized and are tall as well. Each one needs something a little different from a t-shirt to look and feel his best.

Firstly, the tall guy and his t-shirt. If you aren’t big sized then you want to avoid having clothes that are too loose. All that extra material hanging around won’t complement your shape. To the other extreme, don’t go for something too fitted as this will emphasis your height in a bad way. Firstly, look at the length of the t-shirt and go for long tail where available. These will either tuck in well or hang nicely over the pants. Make sure the shoulders and arms are in the right place and aren’t too long.

For the big guy, resist the urge to buy the biggest t-shirt you can find. It may feel like you are covering everything but it can actually make you look bigger. Don’t go for too fitted either for obvious reasons. Aim for a t-shirt that sits well across the arms, shoulders and chest.

For the big and tall men’s t-shirt then the combination of the two applies. Keep the fit correct without being too tight or too loose. Look for long tail t-shirts to fit into pants if required. Make sure shoulders and arms fit without being clipped and uncomfortable.

Tucking tips

Tucking in a t-shirt or a dress shirt is something that many men prefer to do, liking the finish line it creates. This is where the length of the t-shirt is particularly relevant. If you tuck in a t-shirt that isn’t long enough, it will come loose easily. Move up or bend over and uncomfortable flesh is on show. Side-effect is also that your dress shirt will come out of your pant all the time. Tip: check-out extra long dress shirts from Sleeve7, a Dutch brand founded by tall Dutch guys.

By ensuring that the t-shirt or Undershirts for tall men is long enough to stay in the pants, you can avoid this. Measure yourself from the back centre of your collar to below the back pocket of your pants. This is the minimum measurement for a t-shirt and a touch longer doesn’t hurt. By buying a t-shirt that is at least this length, you can be comfortable and tucked in for the duration of the day. You can also wear these t-shirts untucked if you like, as they will sit well.

So do your t-shirts pass the tuck test? Do they sit well in all the right places? Are they the perfect fit for the big and tall man?

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