Choosing the perfect extra long black T-shirt is not always easy. Many guys opt for white t-shirts because they aren’t quite sure about colour. It’s a bold step to jump into a nice turquoise one, a soft lemon yellow or even a pink one. But this slight nervousness of colour doesn’t mean you are stuck with white T-shirts only. By choosing the perfect black extra long t-shirt, you can have variation and the ideal fit.

perfect black extra long t-shirt

Why buying black T-shirts?

Black is often given a bad name – too stark, too harsh, drains the colour. And while this may be the case for some people, it isn’t for most of us. But there are some clear proven advantages of wearing black, as most women will tell you:

  • For starters, black makes you look slender. Now if you are tall and slender, this might not be a worry. But if you aren’t, a little added height is never a bad thing, even if it is an illusion.
  • Black is also said to hide the parts of your body you may not be keen on. According to colour experts, it has a psychological effect of making people feel more confident about their body. It is also the colour of elegance and sophistication.
  • Black is also very practical. It works with any colour pants virtually and also with most colours of jackets. It also works perfectly with any wash of jeans from the lightest to black. So if you want a quick and easy layer option, then the black t-shirt may be it. It makes for an easy option in the wardrobe picks when you don’t have a lot of time.
  • Ask a backpacker or other traveller what their stock item is and a black t-shirt will be high on the list. It hides stains well, particularly sweat, and masks the presence of most dirt. It even acts as a touch of camouflage when out and about, though not so much on the city street!

Why extra long black T-shirts?

Perhaps the only downside of a black t-shirt is that if the length is wrong, everything shows up more if you have light skin. In other words, you reach up, your belly is on show and the contrast with the t-shirt is even more noticeable.
But the solution is surprisingly easy – buy an extra long black t-shirt. Measure the length of your body from the middle of the back of your neck. Stop the tape measure at the bottom of your rear pocket. This is your basic length for t-shirts. If you do a lot of bending or stretching, then add a few inches to the length. Also, if you want to tuck the t-shirt in, the same principle applies. By electing to buy a longer length, those embarrassing flashes of flesh can be avoided. You will get all of the benefits of black t-shirts without any awkward peeps of what is underneath.

choosing the perfect extra long black t-shirt

So the next time you want a t-shirt, why not go long and black? The benefits are clear, the variety available is huge as are the different materials used. What’s not to like about the extra long black t-shirt?